“Klar til Start”- a Best Practice CSR Partnership

GLOBAL CSR is proud to share the news from TV2 Lorry documenting the success of the initiative “Klar til Start” (Danish for “Ready to Start”) – a best practice CSR partnership that GLOBAL CSR provides continued consultancy to.

“Klar til Start”, a partnership between Coop/Fakta, the Youth Training Centre and the National Association for Autism, addresses the challenge of including young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the labour market. Through a tailored training programme, the initiative empowers persons with ASD to take on a job at Fakta. In this way “Klar til Start” promotes three human rights for this traditionally vulnerable group: the right to work, the right to non-discrimination, and the right to education. ”Klar til Start” illustrates how a partnership based on human rights is able to create value for the individual, the business and the broader community.

In other words, ”Klar til Start” demonstrates how persons with disabilities’ unique differences can best be combined with business interests.  Sales Director of Fakta Jens Romundstad has emphasized that employing persons with ASD, who possess  special skills, brings great value to Fakta. For Nick Bojer, a participant with ASD who is interviewed in the news piece, the training programme has empowered him to take on a flex job at the local Fakta. Alongside the important work experience, the initiative has allowed him to build relationships with his co-workers as well as with the customers, which is of great value to Nick.

In the following TV-spot from TV2 Lorry, Nick Bojer and Jens Romundstad tell more about their experience with “Klar til Start”: http://www.lorry.dk/arkiv/2014/1/30?video_id=87274


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