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Can Human Rights Due diligence tackle ‘audit-fatigue’?

Sune Skadegaard Thorsen,  CEO at GLOBAL CSR, was interviewed to the Danish magazine on the potential of the UNGPs, hereunder mandatory human rights due diligence, to replace traditional costly, but less cost-efficient, supply chain audit systems. Such traditional systems are still widely applied, but could be re-engineered as most ...
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Challenges with the OECD Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct – comments from GLOBAL CSR

fall 2020 – comments from GLOBAL CSR In 2018, the OECD released a highly anticipated guidance on how to interpret the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (OECDG) in a business setting. The guidance has since inspired and informed a wide variety of companies and other guides. In this blog, we ...
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SME Guides

My business and human rights The United Nation Guiding Principles (the UNGPs), and the concept of Human Rights itself, may seem challenging to understand for many businesses. In 2012 the EU Commission asked GLOBAL CSR to write a guide for SMEs in Europe on the subject. Our Guide on Business ...
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Overview of the 20 Environmental Areas

Environmental sustainability Environmental sustainability concerns both the environment and the climate. The areas relevant to environmental sustainability are established within the OECD Guidelines and principles 7-9 of the UN Global Compact. All businesses can have adverse impacts on the environment through their business operations and activities. Thus, they should conduct ...
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Overview of the 16 Economic Areas

Economic sustainability  Economic sustainability concerns the areas referenced in the 10th principle in the UN Global Compact on anti-corruption, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the UN Convention against corruption. All businesses can have adverse impacts on economic sustainability through their business operations or activities. Thus, businesses should conduct ...
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News from our world

GLOBAL CSR’s comments on ”mandatory due diligence” in the EU

GLOBAL CSR welcomes the EU Commission’s endeavours to establish ”mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence” for business activities in the EU. The EU Commission has opened for public consultation on this endeavour posing a range questions. A link to the consultation, that ends on February 8th, is available in ...
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GLOBAL CSR sits down with Head of CSR Lea Juliussen

Head of CSR at the industry organisation Denmark’s Restaurants & Cafes (DRC): “The Professional Network Meeting provides me with valuable insights into CSR”. We caught up with Lea Marie Toft Juliussen, at the quarterly Professional Network Meeting hosted by GLOBAL CSR. Lea Marie Toft Juliussen is the Head of CSR at the ...
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Interview with former interns

“I learned to use the UNGPs and the OECD Guidelines” Last week we had the chance to catch up with Amalie Schou Nielsen and Victoria Hed, who interned at GLOBAL CSR during Spring 2020. We heard about their experience at GLOBAL CSR, as well as why they are interested in ...
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GLOBAL CSR at the annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, 2018

In November 2018, GLOBAL CSR participated at the annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights for the 7th year in a row. This year’s topic was on human rights due diligence in practice. GLOBAL CSR brought six companies with us, who presented pioneering work on documenting operational-level human rights ...
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GLOBAL CSR now offers a UNGPs Status Assessment

UNGPs Status Assessment UNGPs: Where is your company at? With the new Status Assessment, you can gain insight into how your company's CSR governance is aligned with international standards. GLOBAL CSR now offers a UNGPs Status Assessment, where experts at GLOBAL CSR evaluate your current CSR status against the global minimum standard ...
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