GLOBAL CSR takes the lead in CSR E-learning

Learn-CSR™ was recently mentioned in the Danish Executive Magazine. They describe our CEO Sune Skadegård Thorsen as ”a leading capacity within CSR”. Online learning has become more and more sought after lately, and has especially proven useful when you wish to train multiple employees, suppliers and auditors in CSR. What separates Learn-CSR™ from other E-learning solutions, is that our system, developed by our partner Area9, identifies which parts of the material you have the hardest time understanding, and then customizes the training to improve the skills you need to work on the most. Furthermore you can measure your own and employees understanding, which is essential if you believe in learning as understanding and not just at memorizing. To read the article (which is in Danish) click this link  and search for the article ”Ledelse: Corporate Social Responsibility gennem eLæring”(Management: Corporate Social Responsibility through eLearning).

If you would like to learn more about our recent work the report ”East African Roundtable for Business Leaders: Implementing Corporate Respect for Human Rights” was just published. The report is about the Business Roundtable we recently participated in in Kenya with our business partners Global Business Initiative on Human Rights and The Global Compact, as well as some of our former and present clients e.g. General Electrics, Shell and Coca Cola. Read the report here.


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