GLOBAL CSR coaches on new law regarding CSR-reporting

Many Danish companies are planning to report on their CSR activities in their next annual report and thus attended the seminar on CSR-reporting, where GLOBAL CSR elaborated on the opportunities, challenges and practical execution of the report.

On the 5th of November 2009, GLOBAL CSR spoke at the Danish Technological Institute’s seminar on the new statutory requirement on CSR, which many Danish companies already have to relate to in their annual reports as of 2009.

The seminar’s participants were primarily CFO’s and Communication Managers from Danish companies, who were interested in learning more about the Danish Financial Statements Act (Accounting for CSR in large businesses) and the practical consequences this has for their organisations. Kamilla Vejergang Lembcke and Troels Børrild, CSR advisors in GLOBAL CSR, discussed how companies could structure the process, as well as the actual report.

“This statutory requirement is an opportunity for companies to reap the benefits of the CSR-activities that most of them have already incorporated in their business activities today. Furthermore, many companies are exploiting the opportunity to systematize their CSR initiatives and integrate them in the core business competencies in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors”, Troels Børrild says.

Apart from GLOBAL CSR, Project Manager and CSR Responsible from Eksport Kredit Fonden, Iben Tjelum, presented EKF’s experiences with CSR reporting to UN Global Compact using the indicators of the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI).


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