GLOBAL CSR behind the Danish Governments newly published report: ”Pioneering CSR”

Last week the Danish Government released their new report “Pioneering CSR”. The report assesses the status quo for five of the largest Danish companies vis á vis implementations of the UNGPs and Strategic CSR. GLOBAL CSR was hired to write the report, assessing the benefits and challenges these frontrunners meet in their CSR work.

If you would like to learn more about CSR Compliance, Strategic CSR and the CSR Business Case, have a look at “Fra luksus til forretning – ny undersøgelse om CSR i store virksomheder“.

GLOBAL CSR is proud of the new report and would like to thank Advisor Signe Andreasen for her successful work as the lead on this project as well as the Danish Government, Maersk, ISS, Novo Nordisk, DONG and Carlsberg for their participation and cooperation.


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