CSR Nordic and PE INTERNATIONAL are new strategic partners

GLOBAL CSR has entered into strategic partnerships with CSR Nordic, who are providers of software solutions on CSR reporting, and PE INTERNATIONAL, a combined advisory and software company within product and corporate environmental sustainability.

The new strategic partnerships will ensure that we are constantly updated regarding best practices within the field of CSR. Furthermore, our shared competencies ensure that our clients receive the best possible service available.

‘We are pleased that by strengthening ties with these two companies we strengthen our position as a full service provider on CSR. In our experience, more and more businesses prefer to have only one point of contact for CSR and sustainability consulting, and we are pleased that GLOBAL CSR can offer this’, says Advisor, Troels Boerrild from GLOBAL CSR.

CSR reporting and environmental sustainability as hot topics
CSR Nordic and PE INTERNATIONAL both offer knowledge and tools within two important areas of CSR.

CSR Nordic are specialised in providing IT solutions (CSR System) for the gathering, collating, and reporting on disparate sets of CSR data. The system is based on the Global Reporting Initiatives indicators, which are compatible with the Global Compact principles. Their approach to CSR and reporting is that it should be simple to achieve tangible results, as well as working with CSR should be neither confusing nor time consuming.

PE International is a combined advisory and software development company within environmental sustainability. Their consultancy services include among others: life cycle assessments, product sustainability, Carbon and Water Footprint, ecodesign, environmental product declarations etc.  Furthermore, PE INTERNATIONAL has developed market leading software solutions for product and corporate sustainability management. The software for product sustainability (GaBi Software) is a highly sophisticated and proven Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprinting application family, while the software for corporate sustainability (SoFi Software) is used for sustainability management and reporting, hereunder Corporate Carbon Accounting.

‘As CSR gradually becomes mainstream, the demand for software solutions to support and increase efficiency when working with CSR is increasing among businesses. The tools provided by CSR System and PE INTERNATIONAL, definitely have a lot to offer in that regard’, says Troels Boerrild.

For further information please contact us at info@global-csr.com or call +45 44995506

For further information on CSR Nordic and PE INTERNATIONAL please visit:

http://www.csr-nordic.com, http://www.csr-system.dk and http://www.pe-international.com,http://www.gabi-software.com, http://www.sofi-software.com.


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