An intelligent learning platform


LearnCSR™️ is a smart, fast and effective way to train your employees on Corporate Social Responsibility.

An intelligent eLearning platform that creates individualised and adaptive content, helping employees learn and retain information quicker and better.

Depending on your needs, different training options are available. Our standard modules are based on first class CSR knowledge and developed by experts in the field. Standard modules are available for individual use or can be applied to a larger group of employees.

Our customized modules provide an opportunity to adapt CSR content to fit your specific needs. They are ideal when introducing your company’s internal CSR efforts, guidelines, and strategy.

Watch this video with Mads Øvlisen, advisor to the UN Global Compact & former Chair at Novo Nordisk A/S & LEGO A/S to learn more.

Try free modules

In order for you to have an example of how our software works and what our training can give you, we offer two introductory modules for free: What is the UN Global Compact? And: Why use the UN Global Compact as the basis for your organization’s CSR efforts?

Standard modules

We offer ready-to-use eLearning modules covering a range of different CSR-related topics. Our standard modules are the perfect tool to train your employees right away. We offer:

  • Human Rights Explained
  • Managing human rights
  • Understanding human rights
  • Anti-corruption for managers
  • Anti-corruption for employees

We constantly expand the range of topics covered and work on new eLearning modules. Should you wish to train your employees on a CSR topic not listed here, please contact us.

All standard eLearning modules have been developed by CSR experts. Many years of practical experience and cutting edge theoretical knowledge have been combined to create the optimal content. All modules are easy to follow and useful for daily business processes.

Read more about our standard eLearning modules

Access our standard modules

Customized modules

Making CSR applicable to you

Customized eLearning modules provide an opportunity to adapt CSR content to your context. They are ideal when introducing your company’s internal CSR strategy or guidelines to employees or other stakeholder groups.

We are ready to assist you by developing customized eLearning modules on exactly the CSR topic you need. Based on your own policies and strategies, we help you identify the ideal content for you and transform it into learning objectives, challenging quizzes and meaningful learning resources.

Content from our standard eLearning modules can be customised to serve specific training purposes in your organisation, and be in line with your visual identity.

Make your own modules

The eLearning software can easily be managed and updated by your internal training managers. To facilitate the design process, the eLearning software offers robust multimedia integration possibilities including photo, audio and video. This way, you can be directly involved in the customization of eLearning modules that fit your requirements.


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