Triple Bottom Line Compliance

All-in-one CSR due diligence tool

One unified platform covering environmental, economic and social sustainability. Developed to fully align your CSR compliance with the authoritative global minimum standard for responsible business conduct.

CSR due diligence done right – and efficiently

csrCloud allows your business to manage and document CSR due diligence in one efficient system. It can cover both your entire organization and your business relationships. csrCloud is fully aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.


Begin with a single unit or roll it
out to your organisation and any of
your business relationships, e.g.
suppliers, projects, partners etc.


Perform guided impact assessments
in every aspect of your business, and
get onboarding, quality assurance,
and learning as needed.


Enjoy one-click documentation
in real-time to easily report your
CSR compliance to customers,
and any other stakeholders.

A major undertaking. Without the major undertaking.

We have developed a breakthrough cloud-based platform enabling your business to meet the global minimum requirements; and document it.

csrCloud enables you to assess and address your adverse impacts on all social, environmental, and economic areas in one system.

In addition csrCloud streamlines your assessments and interactions throughout all business units and with your business relationships.

csrCloud is a breakthrough in corporate responsibility. It streamlines your due diligence and interactions throughout your business units and with your business relationships.
You can extend csrCloud to all your subsidiaries and enjoy secure, easy management of every step from the first draft of your impact assessment, to review and sign-off. You can also extend the core features of csrCloud to your business relationships, assisting their responsible business conduct, while they submit their results to you.

All information of social, environmental and economic impacts is saved in real-time and available for follow-ups. This gives the advantage of smoothly managing impacts and tracing your progress.

Your license to operate

csrCloud assists you in aligning with the UNGPs and OECD Guidelines – the authoritative global minimum standard for responsible business conduct. It covers both human rights including labour rights, the environment and climate, and economic sustainability¬. Further, internationally, pressure for mandatory due diligence legislation aligned with the UNGPs and OECD guidelines is increasing.

How csrCloud benefits businesses

Conducting business responsibly brings natural benefits as it assists sustainable development. Aside from this, companies also gain business benefits, such as improved stakeholder relationships, improved risk management and competitive advantages both in attracting and retaining employees, and even attracting investments.

Improved stakeholder relationships
Improved risk management
✓ Increased competitive advantage for attracting and retaining employees, sales, attracting investments

Additionally, by aligning business operations with the UNGPs and OECD guidelines, companies live up to the internationally authoritative minimum standards for responsible business behaviour. Many states are beginning to make the UNGPs and OECD guidelines legislature.

One to many to more… Scale up as you grow

With csrCloud you can work across multiple accounts allowing you to monitor the CSR work of not just your own corporation, but also those you may acquire or own.

Each account has it’s own inner structure, subscription plans, units, users, and relationships, so you are free to delegate the work without loosing your overview.

One unified platform for all your business

Core features

All the key functions to perform and document tripple bottom line impact assessments, including :

✓ Guided assessments
✓ Progress tracking
✓ One-click reports
✓ Executive Summary
✓ Task management
✓ Review functions
✓ Admin functions
✓ Unlimited users

Corporate add-on

An add-on for organizations with more than one business unit such as retail stores, factories, offices etc. Includes all the Core features and also:

✓ Central and local user roles
✓ Corporate-wide reports
✓ Templates
✓ Centralized administration
✓ Centralised review

Relationships add-on

An add-on for responsible business relationships management. Extend csrCloud Core Features to your business relationships, so you get:

✓ Reports and overview of all relationships

Your business relationships also enjoy:

✓ Autonomous management
✓ Support functions from the sponsoring account

Built on a strong foundation

csrCloud is a leading platform by leading experts, based on leading technology.

Caspio is ranked the #1 platform for building and running cloud database applications

The AWS infrastructure in Ireland is the most secure for handling and storing data

Google‘s servers ensure robust, fast and secure delivery of the application

Industry-leading security on board

csrCloud adheres to the strictest security standards of cloud applications to keep your data safe both in transit and at rest. Based on Caspio, csrCloud meets rigorous industrial, regional and regulatory standards for storage of sensitive data. Caspio’s infrastructure runs on AWS data centers, under which we for csrCloud use the AWS data center in Dublin, Ireland. Customer data remains within the European Union with a disaster recovery site operated in Frankfurt, Germany which are both certified for SOC 2, PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001/27017/27018.

Data transmitted through Caspio is encrypted in transit with TLS (HTTPS) 1.2 for web service and client browser, and full disk encryption is enforced on server-side at rest using AES-256 and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on the database level. Standard login to csrCloud is secured with encrypted password technology based on AWS Key Management System.

The interface is delivered from Google’s servers through Firebase which is certified for ISO 27001 and SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3, ensuring swift and secure access.

Furthermore, csrCloud is aligned with the OWASP CSVS standard.


Stack up. Mix and match.

csrCloud is made for scalability and so is our pricing structure. From a single account, you can begin with one unit and have all the features you need for that unit.

To work across multiple units or with relationships, you can add on these features and get the first additional units included.

If you need more, just add one unit at a time as needed, or benefit from our blocks of additional units.

You are free to scale up and expand as you go.

All accounts benefit from a two months all-inclusive free trial.

Subscription plans Units Price (*)(**)
Core Business Plan 1 € 1.000,00
Corporate Add-on 5 € 3.000,00
Relationships Add-on 10 € 3.000,00
Additonal units Units Price (*)(**)
Corporate Value Pack small 5 € 2.000,00
Relationships Value Pack small 10 € 2.000,00
Corporate Value Pack large 10 € 3.000,00
Relationships Value Pack large 20 € 3.000,00
Corporate Single extra unit 1 € 500,00
Relationships Single extra unit 1 € 250,00

* Listed annual price | ** Exclusive of VAT

Benefits. Why use csrCloud?

The answer is simple; coverage and documentation. csrCloud enables guided assessments against all human rights and environmental and economic impact areas. That means that you will not be left with blind spots or potentially unseen negative impacts on the social, environmental, and economic bottom line.

Don’t have much experience with Human Rights? Don’t worry!

csrCloud simply takes you by the hand and guides you through the UNGPs aligned due diligence process.

csrCloudassists users by providing detailed guidance sections. These sections use examples and requirements from the UN Guiding Principles, as well as descriptions and examples of adverse human rights impacts in a business context to provide guidance throughout every step of the process.

Better risk management

Through the management processes outlined by the UNGPs and the OECD guidelines, you will be able to manage impacts on the Tripple Bottom Line. Among these impacts will be potential impacts your company may one day cause. By identifying these potential impacts before they occur, companies are given a head start on preventing impacts and thus reducing the risk for reputational, financial and legal damage.

Shared knowledge and responsibility

By providing a platform for all relevant users, csrCloud facilitates shared knowledge amongst employees. This shared knowledge and feeling of co-ownership and responsibility creates ideal conditions for mutual learning and improvement, which allows the due diligence process to evolve into an on-going process.

Traceability and transparency

csrCloud allows users to trace their due diligence process, thus enabling users to identify progress. This identification promotes more accurate evaluations and more coherent follow-ups.

Time and resource efficiency

When combined, the above mentioned points result in increased resource and time efficiency. csrCloud simply streamlines the due diligence process while still helping you to align your practices with the UNGPs and OECD guidelines.

let’s work together…

We offer expert training and consultancy to help you get the most out of csrCloud.

See what we can do for you


We can help you with everything from 360° onboarding (see below) over quality assurance to a complete first assessment.


Capacity building

Take part in our labs on compliance, impact assessments, and responsible business relations. Or have it on-site.



Innovative and cost- effective solutions for responsible business conduct. Fully benefit from your investments in CSR.



LearnCSR™ is a smart, fast and effective way to train employees on CSR. Modules can be customized to fit your specific needs.


360° onboarding

Align your practices with the global minimum standard for responsible business conduct.

With full onboarding, you are assisted and trained to fully align with the UNGPs and OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises. It includes one year access to the csrCloud Core Features.

360° onboarding
includes five days of training in these three areas:


Training in the global minimum standard and core elements of your responsibility


Implementation of
social, environmental and economic
due diligence processes


Management of responsibility in business relationships


You can use this to contact us directly by sending a message. We shall be happy to respond to you very soon.


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