From information to implementation.


Our key focus while consulting is to ‘keep it simple’ while not diluting content. We work together with clients to tackle CSR related issues ranging from compliance to strategy. Our ample experience with CSR and the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights combines to provide high quality support while maintaining a realistic approach.


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At GLOBAL CSR, we know how important it is to support you efficiently – meaning we offer the right amount of involvement at a speed that suits your needs, depending on your size, model and where you stand in relation to responsible business conduct. We have a vast amount of experience with the steps involved in aligning company conduct with international standards. We assist on a multitude of ad hoc issues and focus on meeting your needs and level of ambition, whether it be developing or quality assuring a policy commitment; designing your company’s grievance mechanisms or assisting on your annual report. Contact us here.


Does your company wish to align its processes with international standards for responsible business conduct? Conduct human rights impact assessments? Update your responsible supply chain management efforts? Or receive guidance on responsibility related to investments? Then we have the experience and tools to develop and support your work. In our project focused consultancy we, as part of the collaboration, aim to develop your inhouse capacity. We are also flexible when scoping your company’s involvement in the project. You can see examples of previous cases here.


By partnering with us, your company has free access to our feedback and support – whenever and wherever it is needed. The partnership agreement can, for example:

  • Support you in managing recurring CSR issues.
  • Create strategies and action plans.
  • Implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • Manage suppliers, buyers and investors.
  • Support you with the screening and identification of competencies with potential partners.

Contact us at to learn more.


Our workshops run regularly in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can read more about them below. We also offer customized in-house training on the subject you need. We believe it is crucial to develop in-house capacity and prioritise ‘training of trainers’. Please contact us for customised in-house training

Next Workshop:

Develop the capacity to understand and implement the UNGPs in a business context.

Next Workshop:

Gain insight into how your company can assess its impacts on human rights.

Next Workshop:

Receive support for the development of your RSCM system and how to align it with international standards.

Planned Workshops:

A platform for professionals who wish to share experiences and receive guidance concerning UNGPs implementation.


At GLOBAL CSR, we have used our experience and expertise to develop a variety of products to help businesses manage their work with Corporate Social Responsibility. Our products are already used by a wide range of businesses, some of whom you can read about here. Below you can see examples of our products:

Human Rights Due Diligence Tool

Human Rights Explained – Booklet

LearnCSR – eLearning

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