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GLOBAL CSR is one of the contributors to a forthcoming book, which is expected to be published around the turn of the year. In the book, the contributors take stock after Professor John Ruggie’s two terms as Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on business and human rights.

The book is titled ‘The UN mandate on business and human rights: Siege or cavalry charge?’ and focuses on Ruggie’s major contribution to the development of the CSR field, and the development of the connection between human rights and business in particular. At the same time the book critically questions the framework developed by Ruggie and suggests possible gaps and room for improvements. Finally, the contributors outline and discuss new sustainable ways to move the CSR field forward.

Ruggie and responsible supply chain management
Global CSR contributes with a chapter that focuses particularly on Ruggie’s contribution to the development of an international agenda concerning responsible supply chain management (RSCM). In the chapter, GLOBAL CSR argues that Ruggie’s recommendations merely suggest improvements within the current RSCM paradigm rather than launch a new and fundamentally different approach.

According to GLOBAL CSR, a fundamental paradigm shift is needed in the long run, as current approaches to RSCM are not contributing to sustainable development or constituting adequate risk management for the many companies that are currently investing heavily in RSCM systems. In this connection RSCM 3.0 is suggested as a long term model, which integrates the state duty to protect and the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

The UN Guiding Principles

RSCM 3.0 is however a long term vision, and in the meantime companies need to work responsible with RSCM. The UN Guiding Principles, established in June 2011, put forward guidelines for the process for RSCM for companies. The guidelines establish uniform expectations to all companies in all parts of the world. These guidelines are fairly simple to comply with and relatively simple to handle in relation to the value chain. The guidelines have made RSCM somewhat more tangible for companies, and they will most likely have a major impact on the expectations to corporate efforts concerning RSCM. Click here to read GLOBAL CSR’s briefing on the latest trends in RSCM.

International publication
The book is the result of an international collaboration between some of the world’s leading researchers in the field of human rights and business. Senior Researcher Radu Mares, from Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Sweden, is the initiator and editor of the book which is expected to be published by Brill later this year.

Learn more about responsible supply chain management 
GLOBAL CSR has extensive experience in advising companies on RSCM. In November, GLOBAL CSR offers a course on the subject via DJØF. Read more about it and register here.

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