Exclusive Offer for Companies Reporting on Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For the first time ever, the largest Danish companies are required from 2013 onwards to report on human rights as part of their annual CSR reporting.

Following the amendments to §99a of the Danish Financial Statements Acts, large and stock-exchange-listed companies are now expected to actively consider whether or not human rights are included in their CSR policies, and actively communicate this to their stakeholders. As such, this year’s reporting practices places these top Danish companies as pioneers within the field and, therefore, they can set new standards for best practices in the area.

In order to maximise your ‘first-mover’ advantage, GLOBAL CSR offers specialised and customised consultancy at an exclusive price for businesses reporting explicitly on human rights for the first time.

The offer includes 10 hours of consultancy in order to:

  • identify and map your business’ policies and activities within human rights and CSR;
  • assess these against human rights and the applicable Danish statutory requirements;
  • quality assure the data for reporting in the light of the Danish Financial Statements Act;
  • emphasise your business’ best practices to all of your stakeholders;
  • meet other specific issues that your company is faced with in your reporting.

For further information, please download flyer on reporting (only in Danish) or contact our CSR Advisor, Signe Andreasen on sa@global-csr.com or +45 22 78 99 06.

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